The Nimbus green pledge.

Let's create a sustainable future.

At Nimbus, we’re passionate about website hosting, but we’re equally passionate about protecting the planet.


We feel it’s our duty to minimise our negative impact on the environment – and help other businesses do the same.


That’s why we’ve pledged to support green climate initiatives and become carbon-neutral. We’re proud to be one of the first green hosting companies in the UK.

Our positive impact in numbers.

renewable energy data centre.
tonnes of CO2 saved every year through our data centre's green initiatives.
of carbon is saved through our solar panels each year - that's the weight of a rhino!
average CO2 savings when our clients switch to us.

Our five green pillars.

We’ve been actively reducing our carbon footprint for the last 11 years. In the last 12 months, we’ve accelerated this progress and put into place our green pledge, consisting of the following five green pillars.

Scalable, eco-friendly web hosting.

Our hosting isn’t just run on 100% renewable energy – it’s also up to 400% more capable than our competitors’ during traffic spikes. With 99.995% uptime guaranteed, plus on-call UK-based support, there’s a lot we can do for you.

Our climate initiatives.

Nimbus firmly believes it's our responsibility to help tackle climate change and support disadvantaged communities. Here's how we've been making a difference, both at home and abroad.

Cleaning the world’s oceans.


Over eight million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea every year, endangering sea life and the essential carbon-balancing function our oceans provide to the planet.


Much of this plastic waste comes from developing countries, which often lack the infrastructure for proper waste disposal.


We’re helping to protect the oceans by supporting Plastic Bank, which works with local communities to trade collected plastic for vital benefits such as first aid kits, children’s education, and food.


Plastic Bank also runs a carbon offsetting project, which uses solar power to produce renewable energy. Every tonne of CO2 offset prevents 10kg of plastic waste from entering the ocean.

Clean Oceans

Providing clean drinking water in Uganda.


The consumption of contaminated drinking water is one of the most frequent causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa.


We’re helping ClimatePartner to bring clean drinking water to communities in Uganda, where many people are forced to boil dirty water before drinking it. The intense smoke created by this process causes eye and respiratory diseases.


ClimatePartner works with local communities to repair and maintain broken boreholes, giving people access to clean drinking water without having to boil it. The project also creates a ‘recycling effect’ by promoting the responsible use of resources.


Woodlands are protected by reducing the need to collect and burn firewood, which in turn prevents harmful smoke and CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Funding energy-efficient cooking bags in Cameroon.


In Cameroon, we’re supporting families by providing them with energy-efficient cooking bags. Using these bags enables them to use about 60% less firewood and protects their health.


Due to an overall lack of electricity in parts of Cameroon, meals are typically cooked on open fires.


This burns a lot of wood, which releases masses of carbon, and causes illness for people who are unable to avoid breathing in the smoke and ash.


Energy-efficient cooking bags allow food to be slow-cooked by burning less wood than usual. This method frees up time, reduces expenses, and reduces carbon emissions.


Through this scheme, safer cooking is being delivered to 6,000 households, helping to alleviate energy poverty.

Electric vehicle scheme.


Our climate change initiatives aren’t just about supporting positive changes abroad. We know there’s a lot we can do at home, including accelerating towards zero-emission transport.


This is why we’ve swapped our fleet of diesel cars for a fleet of electric vehicles.


All Nimbus employees now have access to an electric vehicle (EV) scheme, helping them to save on road tax and fuel expenses while saving the environment.


They can even charge their electric vehicles with our free-to-use charging points at Nimbus HQ.


Driving an electric car can save an average of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per year, compared to the equivalent usage of a petrol or diesel car. You can find out more about how we’re delivering sustainability with our green hosting here.

Our impact in numbers.

of the world’s carbon emissions are generated by the internet and systems supporting it.
on Netflix emits the same amount of carbon as driving almost four miles in a petrol car.
more carbon is produced by the internet when compared to the aviation industry.
servers worldwide are generating 2% of the planet’s carbon emissions.

Do something good for the planet by partnering with a green host.

Switch to managed hosting with Nimbus, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.
Liam - Business Development Manager

Liam - Business Development Manager