Our ultra-secure UK data centre

powered by 100% renewable energy.

Nimbus is your eco-friendly web hosting partner – perfect for ambitious agencies and freelancers.


Data centres powered by fossil fuels contribute to 3.7% of the world’s total carbon emissions. So we’re bucking the trend – our data centre runs on 100% renewable energy.


And we’re still delivering first-class security and 99.995% uptime for our customers.


  • Clients reduce their CO2 emissions by an average of 92% when switching to us
  • Our data centre saves 45 million tonnes of CO2 every year
  • We’re up to 400% more capable than the competition during a traffic spike

The environmental impact of hosting.

of the world’s carbon emissions are generated by the internet and systems supporting it.
on Netflix emits the same amount of carbon as driving almost four miles in a petrol car.
more carbon is produced by the internet when compared to the aviation industry.
servers worldwide are generating 2% of the planet’s carbon emissions.

Web hosting with 100% renewable energy.


At Nimbus, we believe it’s our duty to minimise our impact on the environment. That’s why our UK data centre is powered by 100% renewable energy.


The internet’s huge carbon footprint.

The internet is a leading contributor to climate change, emitting 50% more carbon than even the aviation industry. If you’re hosting lots of websites for multiple clients, this creates a much larger carbon footprint than you may realise.


Switch to Nimbus and protect the planet.

You can cut your carbon footprint – and help your clients do the same – by switching to green hosting with a data centre that runs on renewable energy. By working with Nimbus, you’re helping to reduce the carbon emissions of the world’s internet.


Our environmentally conscious data centre.

Our data centre has been built to be environmentally conscious from the ground up. It meets the environmental protection standard for ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management).

Discover outstanding efficiency and performance.


Our advanced data centre features a robust and resilient infrastructure, giving you a guaranteed uptime of 99.995% – and the peace of mind that goes with it.


Reducing our waste stream.

Minimising all forms of waste – including energy waste – is at the heart of everything we do. Our servers are powered efficiently, with a facility design PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of under 1.3 (where maximum effectiveness is 1.0).


Fully managed servers.

As your knowledgeable and experienced techies behind the scenes, Nimbus fully manages the servers we host. This includes maintaining their hardware, optimising server performance, applying updates, and making extra-secure offsite backups.


Sail through traffic spikes.

Whatever your requirements, our facilities are ready for anything. Our web hosting is up to 400% more resilient than the competition during those irritating and inevitable traffic spikes.

Securing your data – we’ve got you covered.


Keeping your sites and data protected is our top priority, so we apply multiple layers to both physical and digital security at our data centre.


Protection from cyber threats.

An advanced infrastructure includes power backup systems and other measures that ensure the data centre’s uptime. We’ve partnered with top-level digital security providers so that our systems can deal with cyber attacks, should they occur.


Powering through component failure.

Our system can continue to operate fully in the event of component failure. The data centre’s ‘N+N redundancy’ on UPS (uninterruptible power supply), and ‘N+1’ on all other critical services, provides a reliable contingency plan.


Keeping your data safe.

Our data centre meets ISO security standards, including ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management), and ISO 20000:2018 (Information Technology Service). With Nimbus, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.

Do something good for the planet by partnering with a green host.

Switch to managed hosting with Nimbus, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.
Liam - Business Development Manager

Liam - Business Development Manager