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Did you know that data centres powered by fossil fuels contribute to 3.7% of the world’s carbon emissions? Well, not ours. We’re running on 100% renewable energy and we’re not stopping there.



  • 92% average CO2 savings when clients switch to us
  • Our data centre saves 45 million tonnes of CO2 every year
  • We’re still 400% more capable than the competition during a traffic spike
Green and sustainable hosting

The environmental impact of hosting.

of the world’s carbon emissions are generated by the internet and systems supporting it.
on Netflix emits the same amount of carbon as driving almost four miles in a petrol car.
more carbon is produced by the internet when compared to the aviation industry.
servers worldwide are generating 2% of the planet’s carbon emissions.

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Why move to green hosting?


There’s no getting around it: the internet is bad for the planet. Well, in its current state, anyway. That’s why we’re so committed to our green philosophy. Partner with us, and pass the eco-benefits on to your clients. 


  • We’re a registered green host with the Green Web Foundation 
  • 3 Nimbus-supported ClimatePartner initiatives save CO2 and support communities
  • 3 tonnes of CO2 saved every year by solar panels on our HQ


Our green partners.

Grab your cape, we’re saving the planet.


The internet is a carbon-emitting beast that produces over a billion tonnes of CO2 every year. It’s a leading contributor to climate change, emitting 50% more carbon than even the aviation industry. It simply has to be reduced.


At Nimbus we’re passionate about hosting, but we’re equally passionate about protecting the planet – and we feel it’s our duty to minimise our impact on the environment.


That’s why we’ve pledged to support green initiatives and become a carbon-neutral organisation. What does that mean? We’re going further than simply carbon offsetting and renewable energy alone. We’ve made fundamental changes to the way we operate, the choices we make as individuals, and how we run our businesses.


It also means that by working with us, you can rest assured you’re contributing to reducing the carbon emissions of the world’s internet.

The Nimbus green pledge.

Help us cut the internet's carbon emissions, and win more projects.

Going green is top of clients’ agendas, and we’ll help you get them there.

This matters to us, to you, and to your clients.

That’s why our service is just as reliable as it is eco-friendly.

Change to a powerfully eco-friendly web hosting provider.

Move to 100% renewable energy, and get our platform and UK-based support, too.

Good for the planet, great for you.


Every email you send, every line of code you write, every webpage you load, every video meeting you run… They all create a data stream that demands electricity. Worse, it travels through huge data centres that need electricity to keep running – and even more to keep cool. 


If your agency’s hosting lots of websites for lots of clients, their combined carbon footprint could be much bigger than you realise. 


Switching to green hosting with data centres that run on renewable energy cuts the emissions of every website you manage – reducing your carbon footprint, and helping your clients do the same.


Give eco-conscious clients a reason to choose (and recommend) you, and a story that reflects well on you – and them – wherever you share it. We also offer a range of additional hosting solutions from managed PHP hosting and WordPress hosting to Magento hosting and Ecommerce website hosting.

Our impact in numbers.

renewable energy data centre.
tonnes of CO2 saved every year through our data centre's green initiatives.
of carbon is saved through our solar panels each year - that's the weight of a rhino!
average CO2 savings when our clients switch to us.

Do something good for the planet by partnering with a green host.

Switch to managed hosting with Nimbus, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.
Liam - Business Development Manager

Liam - Business Development Manager