Integrate Cloudflare into your website hosting.

Lightning speed, powerful performance and heavyweight security. Cloudflare is all yours, in our platform at the flick of a toggle.

Run faster. Fight harder. Perform better.

There’s a whole lot of trouble the world can throw your way. Traffic spikes. Server outages. Cyber attacks. Malicious bots. It’s wild out there. So knowing your websites are rock solid and ready for anything counts for a whole lot. And with Cloudflare, it’s easy.

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What’s Cloudflare?

Cloudflare’s an awesome content delivery network that works a bit like a pub bouncer – keeping trouble out of your website, so what’s inside can be even more amazing.

Cloudflare also works away behind the scenes to boost reliability, performance, speed and searchability. Check out these 5 ways to boost your websites with Cloudflare over on our blog.

Want to know how Cloudflare works, why we love it, and how to switch it on? Coming right up…

Website security

Super-strength security, sorted.

We built our cloud hosting platform like a fortress, but as any good fortress-owner knows, it never hurts to strengthen your defenses. Which is exactly what Cloudflare does.

Its 42-terabyte global anycast network is 15 times bigger than the biggest DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack ever seen. So it gives you super-powerful protection against hacks, attacks, and malicious bots, and it’s constantly updated to do even more.

Sail through traffic spikes with real resilience.

Security’s just the start. Where Cloudflare really comes into its own is its ability to handle massive amounts of traffic, completely effortlessly.

So, whether you’re launching a big campaign, starting a sale or seeing an unexpected spike, it’ll help you sail right through. Speedy page loads, seamless service and smiley, happy customers all round.

Run like lightning speed.

Whatever your site’s selling, speed is everything. And Cloudflare’s got plenty to go around. It boosts browser caching speeds, optimises images and uses clever load balancing to serve your pages closer to your user, wherever they are.

It’s even designed to make your site faster on phones, for more satisfying browsing, shopping and service, on the go. Which all adds up to better Google Search rankings, improved SEO and new site visits too.

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Get Cloudflare fast and free in our platform.

The best bit? Cloudflare is totally free with some of our packages. If you’re on an Oxygen package or above, you can just flick a toggle to activate Cloudflare instantly. Easy.

Our platform will help you get set up with a Cloudflare account – it’s completely fast and free. Plus, It’ll link straight to your server.

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