Magento Cloud Hosting with Varnish Cache.

Speed equals sales on eCommerce sites, so get up to 1,000 times faster site speeds
with this lightning-speed tool: instant Varnish Caching. Fasten those seatbelts…

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What exactly is Varnish Cache?

Well, in technical terms, it’s a caching HTTP reverse proxy. What that means is that it works as an accelerator, storing a copy of each webpage the first time a customer visits your site, so it can serve it up faster, every time.


Varnish caching is a smart, simple way to strap a jet pack on your website and watch it fly. It’ll give you faster page loading speeds, for smoother shopping, quicker conversions and stacks of repeat business. Pretty amazing stuff.


If you’ve heard of built-in caching before, Varnish Cache works in a similar way, but so much faster, caching almost all of your website’s content, instantly. Quicker shopping, less pressure on your server, and better performance.

Designed with eCommerce and speed in mind.

Varnish Cache in our platform was designed specifically for eCommerce sites using Magento. So, whether you’re running your own eCommerce business, you’re an agency, freelancer or developer managing your client’s eCommerce websites – this one’s for you.


It’s all about boosting speed, reliability and performance for a solid-gold user experience that drives sales, brand loyalty and growth. No more slow page loads, fewer abandoned carts and a whole lot less pressure on customer service teams.


Nobody likes to wait. And these days, people just don’t. Keep them hanging on for just a few seconds and they get frustrated, lose faith in your site and move on. It’s brutal out there.Varnish is your secret weapon. By caching your site’s content, it can serve up your site super-fast, every single time. Great for user experience, quick conversions and customers that come back for more. And more. And more.

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Game-changing faster performance.

Did we mention Varnish Cache is fast? Thought so. But it also comes with big benefits in terms of performance. It boosts your website’s reliability and, because it’s impressively scalable, no matter how big a traffic spike you get, it’ll totally keep up with demand.



Peace of mind, by the truckload.

A team that’s totally got your back.

When your website’s your whole business, it’s good to know you’ve got great support, whatever happens. We get it. Which is why we’re right here, ready for a natter, whenever you need us.

We answer 97% of support tickets within an hour and get 90% of problems ironed out in just four. It’s earned us a great reputation, a loyal band of customers and over 190 five-star reviews.

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