How to improve your WordPress performance
and speed with web hosting.

Are you hosting websites that need optimising? Let's show you how hosting with Nimbus can improve
your website performance and your website's conversion rates.

Before we start, it’s best practice to test your existing setup for site speed. It’s a great way to see where your WordPress performance is currently sitting and to benchmark your site. Set site performance goals and track your changes to identify which changes to your sites have made the best impact as you go along.

Fancy putting your site speed to the test? You can calculate your existing page speed using tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix.

Server Dashboard

Does your hosting provider optimise your client’s sites?

As you’ll know, WordPress performance is dependant on many different variables, such as:

  • your server producing faster speeds
  • experiencing downtime
  • running up to date WordPress versions
  • website caching
  • the plugins your using (and not using!)

The list is endless, but starting off with choosing the right hosting provider and platform is a step in the right direction.


WordPress caching is key.

Website caching serves up the most up to date pages by loading your site contents locally on a user’s first visit. Therefore, when they return back to your site, their browser doesn’t have to work hard to load your site.

That’s why when it comes to your hosting, having a platform that integrates CDN tools will be a real game-changer to upping your WordPress performance. In the Nimbus platform you’ll be able to integrate the following caching tools:

  • NimCache – our very own WordPress Full Page Cache!
  • Cloudflare
  • NGINX browser cache
  • Webp and WP Rocket
WordPress tools: updating plugins, themes and versions

Audit your WordPress plugins and themes.

Plugins are awesome for reducing dev time, website functionality and making your site look sharp. However, some plugins can really affect your website speeds if they’re not up to date or taking up unnecessary loading space if they’re not being used.

In the Nimbus platform, it’s super easy to improve your website performance just by managing your themes and plugins. In fact, it’s all done in one easy WordPress view. Toggle your themes and plugins to activate/deactivate them and update their version all in 1-click.