PHP hosting that’s super easy to manage.

Keep your sites fast, user-friendly and hiccup free, with smart, simple ways to manage PHP. Get updates,
define variables and boost your performance, in a few quick clicks.

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Everything PHP, in one place.

PHP’s a popular open-source scripting language that’s used for website development and can be embedded into HTML. As with most things tech, it’s regularly updated by its creators to fix issues and polish performance. By making sure you’ve got the latest version, you can reduce bugs and run files faster, optimising your site speed and security.


And with our agency and developer-friendly hosting platform, it’s really easy to do, in just one click. Our platform was created for creatives, it’s all about making your life simpler. Which is why we’ve put all the tools you need to update, manage and define your PHP, in one place.


Just open your dashboard, click PHP and you’ll find everything at your fingertips. With our easy-to-browse options, you can get set up and sorted in seconds.

Update your website upload limits.

If you’re building or managing a whole bunch of websites using PHP, you’ll know they all need different things, at different times. Which is why we’ve made it easy to stay on top of everything in one place.

That includes updating your upload limits to make sure each site can handle the amount of data you need it to. Just set specific limits for each site, anywhere from 4MB to 512MB.

It’s a great way to make sure your PHP processes don’t eat up all your server resources – or dent its performance.

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Define your PHP, your way.

As well as making it super simple to update your site’s PHP configuration, our platform helps you define it by up to 10 variables, so you can prioritise the things that matter most.

Our most popular variables include:

  • Memory limit
  • Short open lag
  • Max execution time
  • Max input time
  • Display errors
  • Error reporting
  • Open basedir
  • Session max lifetime
  • Disable functions

Hosting that helps agencies do more.

We’ve made PHP a whole lot easier to manage. But that’s just the beginning. Our platform’s stuffed full of agency-friendly features made to make developers, creatives and freelancers happy.

Super fast and super intuitive, it’s based around one smart, easy-to-use dashboard that puts you in control, fixes your frustrations and helps you whip up top-notch sites, in no time.

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Great support, whenever you need it.

Great support makes all the difference, giving you the confidence to do amazing creative work that really wows your clients. Which is why we’re right here ready to help, advise and chat things through, whenever you need a natter.

We answer 97% of support tickets within an hour and sort out 90% of problems in just four. It’s earned us over 190 five-star reviews and a super-loyal band of creative customers – we’d love you to join them.

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  • Optimum bandwidth
  • Extra security measures
  • Create even happier clients
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