PCI Compliant hosting, with one single click.

Secure your Magento and WooCommerce websites and their cardholder information in one toggle,
inside our easy to use cloud platform. Packages starting from £30 p/m.

Configuration in the Nimbus Platform

Get compliant in one flick of a toggle.

We completely understand that running an eCommerce site means you need reliable protection around credit and debit cardholder payments and data. Especially if you’re not taking payments via third-party providers such as PayPal.


It’s one click of a toggle in our platform, and is particularly useful if you have multiple eCommerce clients hosted on one server. We’ll even show you how easy it is to turn on in our knowledge base.


Wondering whether you need to be PCI compliant? Head over to our blog to find out more.

No technical knowledge needed.

Anyone with any level of technical knowledge can become PCI Compliant by just switching the toggle from within your server’s dashboard. Along with our standard security settings, this toggle disables TLSv1.0 and forces all FTP and SSH connections to be allow listed before they can connect.


Our in-house built platform makes it easier for digital agencies and freelancers to manage their hosting for their clients, in a seamless, stress-free way. With just one click of a toggle, your workflow and website build time will be reduced drastically.

Claim the free guide that anyone who deals with hosting should have.

Find out how splitting your client’s sites amongst multiple servers, can help you gain the best performance from your hosting and servers.
  • Faster speeds
  • Optimum bandwidth
  • Extra security measures
  • Create even happier clients
We also caught up with two of our agency clients in our guide, on how creating a multi-server environment has benefitted their agencies