Elasticsearch factored into your Magento hosting.

It's your secret weapon to super-charging your eCommerce sites!
Get rapid and advanced searches on your Magneto sites that'll boost your sales.

What is this Elasticsearch you talk of?

Well, put simply, it’s a powerful search function that allows your eCommerce sites to land the right products in front of the right people. More technically, it’s a RESTful search and analytics engine that’ll totally change the game from a sales and site performance point of view. Its advanced capabilities will rapidly show your site visitors the best results from your product catalogue for their search terms.


Elasticsearch is great at storing data to influence your site’s search bar performance. When it comes to a user navigating your product catalogue, you’ll know the right products will appear for their search queries on your site. No matter how complex or vague their search terms are, Elasticsearch will do the hard graft for you. Super fast and super scalable. Nice.


Better yet, it’s available for free in our hosting app on one Magento site per server on any of our Oxygen packages or above. Boom!

Stellar site security with an effortless set up.

Not only does Elasticsearch boost your site performance, it also gives you a hand in the security department too.


  • Get advanced threat protection
  • Protect against threats like malware
  • Spot security anomalies fast
  • Security analytics


Within our cloud platform, you bet it is! All you need to do is add your Magento 2.4 website to your server (which takes just 30 seconds!) and boom – there you have it – Elasticsearch will automatically be added to your site.


Elasticsearch is available on our Oxygen and above servers, and we’re giving out free access to this tool on one Magento site per server.


Adding a Magento site to our platform

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  • Optimum bandwidth
  • Extra security measures
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