Manage multiple sites with the cloud hosting
platform built for creatives.

Complete projects efficiently with 1-click hosting tools
that'll keep your client's WordPress sites running fast, secure and scalable.

Hey you, agencies and developers!

We’ve got an intuitive cloud hosting platform that’ll work wonders for your team of creatives and clients.

Improve your workflow by organising your users into teams and give them access to specific projects and servers. All in one simple view.

Web Developers, we’ve got your back.

Our platform gives you the superpower of efficiency. Start designing your WordPress sites in seconds by creating WordPress recipes with preselected themes and plugins, then deploy directly from Github or Bitbucket. Plus, you can create super speedy and secure Magento sites using Varnish Cache & Elasticsearch in under 10 seconds.

Access a whole hub of 1-click hosting tools that’ll save you a bunch of time. Such as PCI-Compliance, Cloudflare, SMTP Relay, platform notifications, and more!

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Create an extra revenue stream

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s improving your agency’s profitability.

You’re already doing the leg work, so why not resell your hosting services? Our private cloud servers give you the bandwidth and capabilities to manage and host multiple to manage and host multiple sites and clients in one secure environment. Incorporate hosting into your client’s retainers or work it into your maintenance packages.

Once you’re part of the Nimbus family, you’ll also be part of our referral programme. Where you can earn even more, just by referring our platform to your friends and clients.

Which applications are you using?

WordPress hosting

We’ve got an amazing bunch of WordPress tools that’ll help improve your process for creating and managing WordPress sites.


  • Add WordPress websites to your server in just 2-clicks
  • We’ll scan all your WordPress themes and plugins daily so you can update them in an instant
  • Create WordPress Recipes including your favourite plugins and themes. It’s an absolute game-changer for improving your site creation process – A task that can take 30 minutes, now done in seconds.

Magento hosting

We’ve made managing your Magento sites even easier with a powerhouse of tools that’ll enhance your eCommerce sites and server management.


  • Fast website installs within 2-clicks
  • Varnish Cache, serving up your site pages even faster, reducing the risk of cart abandonment
  • A free Let’s Encrypt SSL on us, that’ll protect your site visitors data and improve your site’s reliability
  • Improve user experience with our Elasticsearch integration. Whipping up the most relevant products based on their search terms
  • PCI Compliance in one toggle, so you can take eCommerce payments securely via your site checkout

Claim the free guide that anyone who deals with hosting should have.

Find out how splitting your client’s sites amongst multiple servers, can help you gain the best performance from your hosting and servers.
  • Faster speeds
  • Optimum bandwidth
  • Extra security measures
  • Create even happier clients
We also caught up with two of our agency clients in our guide, on how creating a multi-server environment has benefitted their agencies
Benefits of a multi-server environment guide download