Website security you can rely on.

We’ve built our cloud hosting platform like a fortress, packed with protective features you
need for maximum website security – and real peace of mind. It’s strong stuff.

Sleep better, with offsite backups every night.

100% offsite backups, automatically storing and encrypting the latest version of your site at our secure data centres, every night. Every backup is saved for 14 days, or you can switch to a 28-day package for just £5 a month.


We give every server its own separate remote storage container with secure, fully authenticated access. And because they’re never mounted directly onto your servers at filesystem level, whatever happens, hackers can never access your encrypted, backed-up data. Ever.


By being able to spin up a staging site in seconds within our platform, you can also check your backed up data before you hit the restore button live.

Login with secure two-factor authentication.

For safer logins into your server, we’ve rolled out two-factor authentication (2FA) as standard. It’s an extra security measure that verifies who’s trying to access your account, making sure the right people get in fast – and everyone else stays out.


Use your favourite apps to authenticate! Personally we like using Google Authenticator or the Authy app – just scan our QR code in our platform and away you go.

Prevent bad traffic from visiting your site. 

Our built-in bot-blocker spots trouble a mile off and stops it from hitting your server. Using our constantly updated list of known bots and malicious IP addresses helps keep your website safe, secure and running smoothly, without you lifting a finger.


  • Decrease heavy loads on your server
  • Reduce downtime
  • Protect against aggressive bots, scrapers and malicious crawlers


PCI compliance in 1-click.

Any site where users enter their card details directly into a webpage, being redirected to a system like WorldPay or PayPal, needs PCI (payment card industry) compliance.


If you’re running an e-commerce site, keeping its users safe from fraud is a big responsibility – and our platform’s got you covered. The good news is, you can switch it on in just one click in our platform. Blocking all ports, encrypting your connections to run over TLS 1.2 or 1.3 and creating an instant list of permitted IP addresses. Job done.

Secure your MySQL access.

Get super-secure remote MySQL access, so you can control who accesses your website’s database. It creates a list of allowed IP addresses, which new users have to be permitted to join – giving you the chance to check, approve or refuse access and keeping you firmly in the driving seat.


Automatic server security updates.

To stay one step ahead of the latest hacks and attacks, everyone needs to up their game every now and again. That’s why we’re constantly putting our server operating systems through rigorous security tests, and rolling out updates to make them more robust than ever.

Manage user access, in seconds.

Sometimes it takes a team to get a website off the ground, so we’ve made it really easy to manage who accesses your sites and servers. Let people in, time people out, and see who’s accessing what, when.

Send secure invitations in seconds, straight from your dashboard, and control access for individual users and whole teams – whether they’re in your studio, working remotely, external experts or client-side contacts. Boom.

A partner, not just a provider.

It’s good to know you’ve got a great team on your side, and that’s our promise to you. Straight-talking, super-friendly people who’ll have your back, whatever happens.
  • 97% of support tickets answered within an hour

  • 90% of support tickets resolved within 4 hours

  • 5 Star reviews, over 180 of them

  • 100% UK based offices, support teams & data centres