SSL Certificates.

Secure your sites and build trust with users.
Install and maintain SSLs easily on our hosting platform.

Why do you need one on your site?

Encrypts information
& protects data.


customer trust.

level of visitor assurance.



What is an SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, this encrypts the data that is sent between your website and a visitor’s browser. Using an SSL ensures that data travelling across the internet can’t be read by anyone. This is vital considering the sort of tasks we all use the web for including writing into contact forms, entering payment details, browsing and many other things which involve transferring personal information through a website that we wouldn’t want a hacker to get hold of.


You may have noticed that some websites display a padlock next to your URL bar and run over HTTPS. These are websites that are protected by the use of an SSL certificate and the green padlock provides assurance that the website you are visiting is authentic and has encrypted its data.


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