Get secure offsite backups for extra peace of mind.

Want the best backups in the business, without lifting a finger? With super-secure automatic offsite backups,
every single night, we’ve got you covered, whatever happens.

Offsite backups in our platform

Website security, stepped up.

Offsite backups are a real no-brainer. They protect your work by saving a copy of your site, ready to be restored if you hit a technical hitch or a new feature doesn’t work out.

Lots of hosting providers save backups on-site, in their usual data centre. But if a disaster should happen, that could wipe out your site, and your backup, in one nightmare blow. That’s why, at Nimbus Hosting, we’ve switched to 100% offsite backups, automatically saving your sites at a super-secure second location, every single night. It’s next-level stuff.

Upgrading offsite backups in our platform

Offsite backups are in all packages, as standard.

Whether you’re making, managing or relying on websites, we believe offsite backups are essential. So, we run them automatically for everyone on our cloud hosting app.

You’ll get 14 days’ worth of backups as standard, which means we’ll back up your site every night for two weeks, then start replacing your oldest backup with a brand new one – so you’ve always got 14 backups ready to go.

Like a little more peace of mind? You can upgrade to our 28-day package within our app for just £5 a month.

Restore your offsite backups

Really easy website restores.

We save all your backups in one place, so they’re easy to browse, retrieve and restore, anytime you need to. Once you’ve found the right one, you can use it to overwrite your live site in seconds, getting you back to normality in no time.

You can even restore your backups on a separate staging site, giving you the chance to check them over and make any tweaks before you push them live. Smart thinking, right?

Creating manual backups

Instant one-click backups, anytime.

As well as our automatic nightly backups, you can also run your own manually, anytime. It’s a great way to safeguard your existing site before you try anything new, whether you’re launching a new campaign, adding a landing page or just making copy changes.

Even better, it only takes one click. We’ll just replace your oldest backup with the new one, ready to restore if you need to.

Nimbus Hosting's server dashboard

A smart, secure hosting app for creatives.

Like the sound of our offsite backups? You’ll love our super-intuitive cloud hosting app. Made to make life, work and websites a whole lot easier, it’s specifically designed for agencies, developers, creatives and freelancers.

With one smart, easy-to-use dashboard and a whole bunch of brilliant tools, you can fly through tasks faster, manage your sites more easily and design great sites, with a lot less stress.

Office imagery

We’ve got your back, whatever happens.

When websites are your bread and butter, you need outstanding support, whatever hitches and glitches come your way. Which is why we’re right here, ready to chat, whenever you need us.

Our friendly team answers 97% of support tickets within an hour and fix 90% of problems in just four hours. It’s why we’ve got a great reputation, a loyal bunch of customers, and over 190 five-star Google Reviews.