NimCache, our very own powerful WordPress caching plugin for faster, safer sites..

We’ve built our very own browser-caching WordPress plugin, and it’s a smasher – speeding up sites, boosting UX and taking security to a whole new level. Come on in…

Brilliant WordPress browser caching.

Browser caching’s a clever way of serving up sites faster – holding users’ attention, giving them a better experience and helping to drive both sales and loyalty.

Which is why we wanted to advance our hosting platform, and integrate our very own WordPress caching plugin. Developed by our in-house team, we’ve named it NimCache.

NimCache works by saving a snapshot copy of your WordPress site’s up-to-date content, so it doesn’t have to be requested from your server every time a user visits. That reduces your server’s load time, takes the pressure off your resources and makes for a smoother, speedier visit. Boom.

Easy activation, effortless control.

NimCache is free to use across your sites on our Neon packages or above, and it’s easy to activate straight from your dashboard. Just go to [where?], click on [where?] and turn it on with a quick flick of a toggle.

It’ll instantly start running full-page caching on the static content of your site – that’s the pages which don’t change very often. You can then choose how often you’d like the rest of your site to be cached, boosting site speeds while making sure users find your latest content, fast.

Seamless caching teamwork.

We’ve also built NimCache to be used alongside other caching big-hitters, like Cloudflare, which means you can pick and choose the caching functionality you need, knowing each of the plugins will keep performing at its best.

Cloudflare’s free in our platform on Neon packages and above and you can get the lowdown on what it does, over on our blog .

A completely creative hosting platform.

Like the sound of NimCache? You’ll love the sound of our platform. It’s a different kind of hosting platform, designed entirely around what creatives, developers, agencies and freelancers really need – intuitive tools that give you more time, more control, more freedom and less stress.

Super fast and user friendly, it’s based around one smart, simple dashboard that makes everything you need to do a whole lot easier.

A support team you’ll love.

When websites are your world, it’s good to know you’ve got a tech-support team that’s totally got your back. People who know their stuff, love a natter and won’t leave you waiting around.

At Nimbus, we’re really proud of our reputation for fast, friendly support. We answer 97% of support tickets within an hour and iron out 90% of problems in just four. It’s earned us a loyal community of customers and over 190 super-shiny five-star reviews.

Take our platform for a free 7-day spin.

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