Corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment.

All types of businesses, whether they are large or small have a responsibility to reduce their impact on our environment. It is our commitment to continually look to invest in new technologies that allow us to provide a great service to our customers, but also support the planet. We are consistently reacting to social responsible guidance on how Nimbus Hosting can become 100% green and powered by renewable energy, and we prefer to only work with suppliers with the same outlook as ours.

To provide an excellent service to our clients, we frequently replace hardware in our datacentres with the latest releases from our suppliers, but we have specifically chosen suppliers who not only provide great equipment but also focus heavily on the importance of recycling this hardware, to help create the next generation of hardware.

We have the same approach with all our internal electronic equipment, which when no longer needed are recycled through registered contractors who operate in accordance with the Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive.

Moving away from electronic hardware, we have operated a paperless environment at Nimbus Hosting since the company started in 2011. All communication is issued via email and we have encouraged to the point of change that 99% of all our supplies do the same when conducting business with Nimbus Hosting.

  • All internal lightening is energy efficient
  • The office is equipped with recycling bins for plastic, paper/card, glass and cans
  • Rubbish is kept to an absolute minimum and the impact has already reduced refuse collection to a bi-weekly service
  • We offer all staff to take advantage of our electric car charge charging provider by TESLA
  • Along with reducing emissions we implement and encourage all staff to take advantage of the cycle to work scheme or car share option
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Donating to charity

For many years, we have raised money for charities including the Herts Air Ambulance, Sense and Bloodwise, and also in bringing a little fun to everything we do we have supported Movember for a number of years.

We also have members of the Nimbus Hosting team who contribute their own time to support local charities.

Our datacentre

We choose our partners very carefully so that our commitments to the environment are in line with each other. Our datacentres are UK based and are powered 100% by renewable sources, and designed to BREEAM ‘Good Standard’.

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