Platform Insights with Insites Digital.


This week at Nimbus Hosting, we were lucky enough to meet up with one of our favourite teams at Insites Digital who talked to us all about their passion for our hosting platform and how it really has helped transform their business.

Catching up with Insites Digital

Sitting down with their wonderfully enthusiastic team, in their offices situated in the lovely Hitchin which is handily only a stone’s throw from our own office in Hertford, we allowed ourselves to soak in their wonderfully vibrant and signature yellow décor whilst talking with Graeme and Mark (the Co-Founders), Phillippa their wonderful Project Manager, as well as Helen Sloan their brand spanking new addition to the team who joined recently.

What do they think of our platform?

Graeme was the first to comment, demonstrating that he appreciated the platform for its reliability and customer support – which, we have to admit, is one of the main reasons digital marketing agencies choose us at Nimbus Hosting.

Helen, as one of the newest recruits, was somewhat new to our platform – however, she seemed rather enamoured with the system. Mentioning that she was used to using cPanel and WHM, she had often thought there must be something better. However, it wasn’t until joining Insites Digital and working with the platform that she finally found the system she had been missing for so long….in her words it was, “completely different and exactly how it should be”, which unsurprisingly made the team at Nimbus Hosting extremely happy.

Graeme Boyes commented that the platform offers him the ability to allow IP’s which really helps, given the remote nature of their work. This was something we designed specifically for the many agencies that use outsourced support on their projects. Allowing them, as Mark points out, to minutely and carefully control access to their servers including controlling when that access expires, which in this security-conscious and post-GDPR landscape is not only immensely important but also a legal requirement.

Phillippa then added that she now can’t imagine “using anything different now, it’s been that much of a change for us here” which frankly really is the best recommendation we could hope for. She credits the platform as it allows her to get much more involved in the entire process. Mark Orral also highlights how much it has allowed the team to focus more on the development and set up of projects, and “takes away some of the painful admin tasks such as managing emails”. The platform doesn’t support hosting emails on the same server as your website and recommend using Office 365 or G-Suite.

A quote from Insites

And finally, to summarise, we will end with a quote from the lovely and bubbly Helen who says,

“What I would say to other developers, and also to myself five years ago had the Nimbus platform been there at the time, is stop moaning about how difficult managing hosting is because there is a solution out there and that is the Nimbus Hosting platform.”

If you or your team are interested in learning more about our platform, take out a free 7-day trial, on us and try it for yourselves.  Of course, if you have any further questions please do feel free to contact our team full of friendly faces and some wonderful tech support. You are always welcome to call us on 0203 005 9181 or drop us an email on [email protected].



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